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Enjoyed my Nov. 15 solo concert at Manotick United Church, presented by MACAW, a Heritage Canada funded group running "outreach" cultural programs for seniors and others, especially those with limited access to such experiences.  Check them out at .  The show was organized by my old friend and former guitar student Terry McGovern, sound was handled by veteran John Cybanski (who engineered some of the first recordings I ever did with Heaven's Radio and Sneezy Waters back in the 1970s) and the performance was videotaped by a team of old pros.  All were volunteering their services.

Also recently recorded some guitar on one track (the Iris Dement song "My Life") for Maria Hawkins' CD in progress at Mike Thibeault's studio in Aylmer, Quebec.  Looking forward to hearing the CD when it comes out.

And I was recently interviewed by Jim Hurcombe, who recently published a book about Ottawa rock 'n roll in the 50s - 60s and is now working on volume II about the 70s.  Soon I'll be interviewed by musician / ethnomusicologist Heather Horak who's researching 70s music in west Quebec for an exhibit at Fairburn House in Wakefield.  Makes me feel old, regional (CBCs Bill Stunt once noted on air that I was "almost a legend in Eastern Ontario") and almost noteworthy.  Is my strategy of success by attrition about to pay off?  Will I be rediscovered, perhaps, moments before a glorious demise?